The Automatic Test Systems (ATS) Executive Directorate (ED) is chartered by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Materiel Readiness (DASD MR) to implement a coordinated Automatic Test Systems acquisition and research & development program throughout the Department, and to serve as the interface for DoD with other departments and agencies such as NASA and FAA.

The major goals of the ATS ED are:

1. Minimize the cost of automatic testing to DoD,

2. Foster interoperability of automatic test systems across the Services,

3. Reduce logistics footprint, and 

4. Improve the quality of test by leveraging embedded and other diagnostic data

The ED will accomplish these goals by encouraging the use of existing investments, implementing ATS planning that provides gains in both procurement and sustainment “economies of scale”, ensuring the efficient use of limited ATS R&D resources, and acting on behalf of the DoD to plan, monitor, coordinate and integrate for the ATS commodity area.


DoD Automatic Test Systems Executive Directorate SealABOUT THE DoD ATS ED

The DoD Automatic Test Systems (ATS) Executive Director (ED) function, although originally led by the US Navy but now led by the US Air Force, is a joint Services cooperative initiative designed to optimize ATS used at all levels of maintenance within the DoD. DoD and Service ATS policies have been established and research & development, acquisition, and life cycle sustainment ATS initiatives are being addressed. The intent of the DoD ATS ED function is to define an acquisition environment that makes DoD the smartest, most responsive buyer of the best goods or services that meet our warfighters' needs at the best dollar value over the life of the product. A major theme is to emphasize the use of commercial standards and products.

In February 2004, The Office of the Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics), Logistics Plans and Programs (LPP) office tasked Navy to serve as the DoD's Executive Director for Automatic Test Systems. In June 2004, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Logistics) in turn tasked the Naval Air Systems Command PMA260, the Aviation Support Equipment Program Manager, to serve as the ATS Executive Directorate and continue to perform the ATS functions previously performed as the DoD Executive Agent for Automatic Test Systems.


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