Materiel Availability is a measure of the percentage of the total inventory of a system operationally capable (ready for tasking) of performing an assigned mission at a given time, based on materiel condition. This can be expressed mathematically as (the number of operational end items divided by the total population). Materiel Availability also indicates the percentage of time that a system is operationally capable of performing an assigned mission, and can be expressed as (uptime divided by (uptime plus downtime)).

Determining the optimum value for Materiel Availability requires a comprehensive analysis of the system and its planned use, including the planned operating environment, operating tempo, reliability alternatives, maintenance approaches, and supply chain solutions.

Materiel Availability is primarily determined by system downtime, both planned and unplanned, requiring the early examination and determination of critical factors such as the total number of end items to be fielded and the major categories and drivers of system downtime. The Materiel Availability Key Performance Parameter (KPP) must address the total population of end items planned for operational use, including those temporarily in a non-operational status once placed into service (such as for depot-level maintenance). The total life cycle timeframe, from placement into operational service through the planned end of service life, must be included.

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Master Sgt. Casey Stutzman, 376th Expeditionary Maintenance Group munitions accountable systems officer, inventories stored explosives April 18, 2013, at Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan. Stutzman takes monthly inventory for accountability purposes. Stutzman is deployed from Kadena Air Base, Japan, and is a native of Coco, Fla. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Stephanie Rubi)

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