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What Will and Won’t be changing with BTB

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Many of you have probably already visited the new “Getting Back-to-Basics (BtB): Empowering the Workforce” and “Build Skills with a Defense Acquisition Credential” websites. Information on both Back-to-Basics and Defense Acquisition Credentials is accessible directly from the DAU homepage; and while they are separate initiatives, both are inextricably linked. As the Department of Defense moves forward with perhaps the most significant transformation of defense acquisition workforce professional development in a generation, I strongly encourage you to visit and peruse these two websites. I also wanted to take a moment and offer a few personal thoughts in terms of changes already underway or are on the horizon -- and what that means for us as defense acquisition and sustainment professionals:

  • More lifelong learning
  • More streamlined functional areas
  • More streamlined certification requirements
  • More workforce choice in selecting job-relevant training opportunities
  • More Interdisciplinary integration
  • More just-in-time training opportunities
  • More virtual instructor-led and live online learning opportunities
  • More chunked, more interactive, more targeted learning opportunities
  • More innovative, more interesting, more engaging learning assets
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Defense Acquisition Credential Program

The Defense Acquisition Credential Program provides a responsive and timely learning experience that allows you to tailor your acquisition-related skills by offering job-centric credentials. We have fifteen integrated product support element-aligned life-cycle logistics credentials currently available or in development.

Defense Acquisition Credentials provide the knowledge and associated skills to perform job-centric, niche, and/or emerging functions in the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition environment. They are intended to enhance specific skills and improve performance in your workplace. Whether you manage capability requirements, acquire services/systems, or sustain capabilities, earning credentials can build your competence, confidence, and value to your organization and the DoD.

Whether you choose to earn a Maintenance Planning & Management Credential, a Supply Chain Integration Credential, a Product Support Affordability & Cost Credential, or any of the other available life cycle logistics credentials, we are confident there is a credential available to enhance your skills and improve your performance. For acquisition-coded workforce members, defense acquisition credentials are also a great way to meet your 80-hour Continuous Learning Points requirement!

Visit the Defense Acquisition Credential Program website or a recent DAU LOG Blog Credential Update for additional information

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