Mission Statement Resource Management (RM) is dedicated to providing advice, policy guidance, and assistance to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment (ASD(Sustainment)), the Principal Deputy ASD(Sustainment) and the Deputy Assistant Secretaries of Defense (DASDs) on program development activities as they relate to the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution. RM also provides web and graphics support for Sustainment.

Financial Management
  • Advise ASD (Sustainment) and staff on all issues pertaining to budget formulation, presentation, and execution relating to resource and financial management

  • Participate in Planning, Programming, Budgeting System and Execution System (PPBES) with OSD A&S, WHS Financial Management Directorate (FMD) and DLA Comptroller

    • Provide PPBES support, comprehensive research, and practical advice

  • Coordinate funding requests with ASD Sustainment Directorates to compile budget books for each fiscal year (FY)

  • Generate funding requests (Purchase Requests (PRs) and Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRS)) in WHS FMD Financial System

  • Monitor flow of funding documents through various approvals (Precise coordination is required to ensure funds and documents are provided in a timely manner to ensure contracts are awarded/renewed without delay):

    • Coordinate fund acceptance with WHS FMD and other Defense Agency Financial Directorates

    • Coordinate obligations of funds with WHS FMD and other Defense Agency Acquisition Directorates

    • Verify commitments and obligations to finalize financial transaction

  • Financial Data
    • Maintain financial data records for current and prior fiscal years for future analysis, reference and audits

    • Generate reports on project status, contract process, financial documentation for all Sustainment funding levels and commitment/obligation rates

  • Monitor and research financial transactions for current and prior fiscal years

  • Coordinate with WHS AD and ASD directorates on acquisition activities including, contract modification, option year executions, requests for quotes & solicitation (RFQ/S) and contract terminations

  • Manage all incoming external requests to issue task orders against the Logistics Services (LOGS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) and provide decision to requesting agency/service

Contractor Workforce Review Board (CWRB) & Security Management
  • Coordinate and monitor follow-up tasks to ensure CWRB packages are submitted to the ASD Sustainment front office (FO), A&S Administrator and the A&S Security office prior to contract renewals, avoiding work stoppages or lapses in coverage. This process includes communicating with individual contractors to receive new or renewing CACs and building access

  • Maintain all CWRB associated records such as Space Allocation charts, Visitor Authorization Letters (VAL) and signed authorization memos for Sustainment contracted personnel per contract

  • Perform major and minor revisions to CAC & CWRB tracking reports to maintain records (electronic and physical) for future reference and auditing

  • Collect information from ASD Directorates to generate Admin compliant CWRB packages submitted to the Front Office (FO), Admin Office and A&S Security

  • Consistently maintain CWRB Summary Snapshots, CAC & Pentagon access Expiration and On-Site Contractors Summary Reports

Digital Communication & Website
  • Work with ODASD information release authorities (IRAs) to code requested edits, updates and deletions from Sustainment websites

  • Work in conjunction with USD A&S digital communications teams to perform necessary server, network and security migrations as needed Monitor network functionality and security levels for regular communications with USD A&S web teams

  • Maintain data file repository for RM forms and processes via ASD(Sustainment) CAC-enabled extranet site

  • Perform regular backups of development, staging and production environments and the CAC-enabled extranet site
Web Traffic Reports & 508 Compliance
  • Monitor web traffic and generate reports including summarized Sustainment site statistics and a breakdown of visitor statistics for each ODASD - metrics include visitor summaries, visitors by geography, and most downloaded files

  • Read and correct code specific errors, broken links and all associate 508 compliance maintenance

  • Monitor and improve performance of existing ASD Sustainment websites

Business Management
  • SES Timecard: Approver
  • DTS Travel: Approving Official (AO)
  • Government Purchase Card (GPC) Approving Official (AO)

Development, Analysis and Support of Sustainment Websites:

For technical assistance contact the Sustainment Webmaster
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