The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration, under the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness, is responsible for the orchestration, synchronization, and integration of the global supply chain, its operational execution, and performance. Specific responsibilities include:

- Leading the development of DoD supply chain policies
- Strengthening detection, analysis, and reporting of non-conforming counterfeit items
- Supporting Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness by strengthening logistics practices related to mission critical assets
- Ensuring timely and proper disposition of Foreign Excess Personal Property (FEPP) upon redeployment and drawdown
- Ensuring prudent reduction in current inventory excesses as well as a reduction in the potential for future excesses, without degrading materiel support to the warfighter
- Improving visibility, accountability and control of all critical assets
- Adopting enterprise-wide metrics that promote common goals and interoperability
- Ensuring end-to-end integration of support within commodities
- Identifying, developing, and utilizing logistics human capital/competencies
- Facilitating multi-national cooperation

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Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration, Mrs. Deline R. ReardonMrs. Deline R. Reardon

Dee Reardon is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and serves as a principal advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment. She is dedicated to ensuring maximum readiness of weapon systems and excellent warfighter support. Mrs. Reardon is responsible for the Department’s logistics strategy and policy, supply, storage and distribution, property and equipment, transportation, and program support. Her portfolio includes oversight of ~$100 billion of inventory and inventory management practices, asset visibility, and disposal as well as obsolescence and anti-counterfeit strategies. She oversees policy development and compliance, requirements and forecasting, and performance measurement, as well as department-wide sustainment improvement initiatives. Ultimately, she is responsible for ensuring the efficient use of the department’s logistics resources to maximize effectiveness. She is a member of multiple international cooperation forums and inter-agency groups supporting the global supply chain with U.S. allies. She assumed this position in August 2018.


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