• Serves as Principal Advisor for establishing policies and providing guidance to Department of Defense (DoD) Components for efficient and effective use of government and commercial transportation resources. Transportation Policy is also responsible for distribution (including force movement) policies
  • Develops policies and provides analysis, advice and recommendations to ensure cost-effective joint logistics support to the warfighter
  • Coordinates and negotiates with federal departments and inter-agencies regarding transportation and distribution-related matters and initiatives that support the national security strategy
  • Ensures that the Defense Transportation System (which is comprised of DoD-owned and contracted commercial resources) is effective in providing “end-to-end” support to the warfighter – especially in utilizing commercial transportation resources during peacetime and contingency operations and in optimizing distribution cycle times
  • Establishes and maintains DoD transportation, distribution (to include force movement), traffic management, and strategic mobility policies
  • Collaborates with the Distribution Process Owner and its distribution partners to support distribution and process improvement initiatives
  • Promotes coordination, cooperation, and mutual understanding between DoD, Congress, and the commercial transportation and third party logistics industries
  • Provides oversight and guidance for the development and implementation of DoD automation programs related to the foregoing including portfolio management and investment decisions.



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