The DoD ATS Acquisition Handbook is written for the Program Manager who is unfamiliar with automatic testing of electronic systems and the acquisition process for Automatic Test Systems (ATSs). Written in an easy-to-read style, it's purpose is to provide, in a simplified, non-technical format, all the information needed to make educated decisions concerning off-system automatic testing of electronic components in the PM's weapon system.

In addition to a list of common acronyms, the Handbook contains the following sections:
1. Introduction
What is the Purpose of This Handbook?
How Do I Know If My Program Needs Automatic Testing?
Who Approves My ATS Acquisition Strategy?

2. Background
What is DoD Policy for Acquisition of ATS?
Exactly What Authority Do I Have?
Where Can I Find Out More?

3. Definitions
What is an Automatic Test System?
What is Automatic Test Equipment?
What is a Test Program Set?
What Are Open Systems and How Do They Apply to ATS?
How Does This Fit With The DoD Joint Technical Architecture?

4. Acquisition Processes and Procedures
Overview of the Acquisition Process for Automatic Test Systems
How Do I Know What ATS Support Alternatives I Have?
How Do I Develop a Solid Acquisition Strategy?
What is Unique About Contracting for an ATS?
Is there Anything Special About Acquiring Test Program Sets?
Do I Have to Do a Test and Evaluation of My ATS?
Do You Have Any Tips on Controlling Costs?
Can You Share Any Lessons Learned With Me?

Appendix 1: Points of Contact
Service ATS Offices
DoD ATS Executive Agent Office
ATS Family Points of Contact

The DoD ATS Accquisition Handbook may be downloaded by clicking here.

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