The ATS Master Plan provides a consolidated strategy for the implementation of DoD's Automatic Test System (ATS) acquisition policy and investment strategy. The plan examines the historical evolution of DoD ATS acquisition management policy; describes the Service Components' ATS management organizations; identifies the major participants in the DoD ATS management structure; describes the ongoing DoD ATS Research and Development (R&D) efforts; and defines the evolving DoD ATS modernization strategy. The ATS Master Plan documents the DoD ATS investment strategy by identifying the research and development planning efforts for ATS within the DoD.

The plan highlights the management processes involved in implementing DoD ATS procurement policy, which directs Service Components to satisfy Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) hardware and software needs by using designated ATS families and commercial item testers that meet defined critical ATS elements and interfaces.

The DoD ATS Executive Agent Office (EAO) is responsible for maintaining the DoD ATS Master Plan and publishing it on an annual basis. The ATS Master Plan may be downloaded by clicking here.

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