When the DoD 5000-series instructions were downsized in 2003, ATS policy was removed. However, on 28 July 2004 it was reissued via a letter from Mr. Wynne, OSD AT&L. Click here for this policy letter.

DoD's ATS policy per the 28 July letter is quoted here:
"To minimize the life cycle cost of providing automatic test systems for weapon systems support at DoD field, depot, and manufacturing operations, and to promote joint service automatic test systems interoperability. Program Managers shall use approved DoD ATS Families as the preferred choice to satisfy automatic testing support requirements. Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solutions that comply with the DoD ATS Technical Architecture should only be used if the Milestone Decision Authority concurs that an approved DoD ATS Family will not satisfy the requirement. Automatic Test System selection shall be based on a cost and benefit analysis over the system life cycle."
Designated DoD ATS Families are:
  • Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS)
  • Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE)
  • Marine Corps Automatic Test System (MCATES)
  • Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST)
  • Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS)
In September 2004, the Service Acquisition Executives agreed upon processes and procedures to implement OSD's policy via a Joint Memorandum of Agreement.

On 2 December 2008, DoD 5000.2 was reissued. The above policy is continued in paragraph 8c(1)(c)2c which states "...a preference for approved DoD Automatic Test Systems (ATS) Families to satisfy ATS requirements."

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