Condition-Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) is a collaborative DoD readiness initiative focused on the development and implementation of data analysis and sustainment technology capabilities to improve weapon system availability and achieve optimum costs across the enterprise. CBM+ is the application and integration of processes, technologies, and knowledge-based capabilities to improve the reliability and maintenance effectiveness of DoD systems and components. At its core, CBM+ is maintenance performed based on evidence of need.
  • CBM+ is built upon RCM and Condition-Based Maintenance to enhance safety, increase maintenance efficiency, improve availability, and ensure environmental integrity.

  • CBM+ diminishes life-cycle costs by reducing unscheduled maintenance and enabling predictive maintenance.

  • CBM+ turns rich data into information about component, weapon system, and fleet conditions to more accurately forecast maintenance requirements and future weapon system readiness to drive process cost efficiencies and enterprise activity outcomes.
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Training modules specific to RCM and CBM+ are available in the DAU catalog. Course LOG 0290 is focuses on CBM+ while LOG 0300 provides the essentials of RCM.

Visit the Life Cycle Logistics page for further information.

In addition to DAU, many of the Services have developed additional training programs to further develop CBM+ practitioners. Contact your Service's CBM+ lead for more details.

Working Integrated Product Teams

Working Integrated Product Teams (WIPTs) are designed to perform specific research or action related to CBM+ goals and objectives that will move the CBM+ initiative forward. Several unique technologies, concepts, and procedures that support CBM+ are already established within DoD. For example, some Service efforts with interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) and Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) have been underway for years. The CBM+ WG may request the support or participation of individual Service, joint Service, OSD, or industry personnel to gain knowledge of additional or new CBM+ technologies or processes. The CBM+ WG may establish a relationship with existing programs or initiate a new WIPT to pursue a specific CBM+ task, concept, or initiative.

Current WIPTs and more information can be found here.

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