• Establish strategic supply chain governance and reporting.
  • Oversee integration of end-to-end global logistics and supply chain performance.
  • Integrated solutions for inventory management that are managerially and technically sound and adequately resourced to provide desired levels of readiness to support to the warfighter.
  • Actionable policies that deliver efficient, sustainable, cost-effective end-to-end supply chain performance.
The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration (DASD[SCI]), serves as the most senior level executive responsible in the development and direction of the defense wide Supply Chain Integration functions. In this role, the DASD(SCI):
  • Chairs the Supply Chain Executive Steering Committee (SCESC) consisting of flag-level representatives from the Joint Staff, Military Departments, Defense Agencies and Combatant Commands.
  • Co-chairs the Logistics Functional Capabilities Board (FCB) with Joint Staff J-4.
  • Represents L&MR on AT&L Investment Review Board (IRB) for Weapons Systems Lifecycle Management and Materiel Supply and Service Management.
  • Represents L&MR in the business Major Automated Information (MAIS) process.
  • Supports International Logistics Cooperation partnerships with Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
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