The FIAR priorities, established in August 2009, require the Components to focus on improving processes, controls and systems supporting information that is most often used to manage the Department, while continuing to work toward financial improvements that permit receiving unqualified audit opinions on their financial statements.
ODASD(SCI) assists the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller in its focus on financial improvement and audit readiness (FIAR) efforts. Focused SCI support is in the mission critical asset information areas of Inventory (e.g. rations, supplies, spare parts, fuel), Operating Materials and Supplies (e.g., ammunition, munitions) and critical information recorded in logistics systems. The FIAR goals are to achieve and sustain audit readiness, achieve and sustain unqualified assurance on effectiveness of internal controls, and attain Federal Financial Management Improvement Act (FFMIA) compliance.

Supply Chain Integration Images

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