The Performance Budget Task Force and Senior Review Group was established by the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller to facilitate budget and performance integration. The responsibilities of these groups include providing recommendations to the Deputy Secretary of Defense regarding performance measures; ensuring senior level accountability; reviewing performance data and actual performance results; facilitating linkage with PPBES, and recommending improvements to the Department’s overall performance management.

The Strategic Logistics Objectives, in direct support of improving DoD performance, are to accurately forecast customer materiel needs; work with suppliers to ensure timely acquisition of materiel; effectively and efficiently manage materiel; sustain weapon system materiel readiness; and control costs. SCI serves the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Logistics & Materiel Readiness) lead for the DoD Strategic Logistics Objectives measuring logistics performance through:
  • Customer wait times for each of the Services
  • Perfect Order Fulfillment percentage for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)-stocked Items
  • Percentage of excess secondary items on hand
  • Percentage of excess secondary items on order
  • Capstone Concept for Joint Operations
  • SCI Information Tools (Metrics, Facts and TDD Standards)
  • Supply Chain Integration Metrics Report
  • Customer Wait Time (CWT), The Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Logistics is developing Customer Wait Time (CWT) as a key Department of Defense logistics metric.

US Soliders managing materiel and eqiupment to ensure timely acquisition.

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