The 2010 Department of Defense Logistics Strategic Plan (LSP) reflects the Department's commitment to ensure that those who fight our nation's wars receive the logistics support they need and deserve — both today and tomorrow.
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The LSP established goals that flowed from the objectives in the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review and the business priorities and outcomes in the FY2010 DoD Strategic Management Plan. It was the result of a series of evolutionary steps that focused on improving DoD supply chain management and mitigating the high risk designation. It incorporated the elements of the 2005 DoD Supply Chain Management (SCM) High Risk Improvement Plan and its 9 key initiatives for improving the supply chain focus areas of distribution, visibility and forecasting. The LSP is currently being updated. To be in accordance with the FY2012-2013 DoD Strategic Management Plan.

The Logistics Strategic Plan (LSP) evolved from a series of documents including the 2008 DoD Logistics Roadmap.


The 2008 Logistics Roadmap began the process of linking logistics initiatives and program performance assessments to identifiable and measurable strategic outcomes, including those in the 2005 SCM Improvement Plan. The Roadmap contributed to the development of a more coherent and authoritative framework that ultimately became the 2010 DoD Logistics Strategic Plan.

The 2008 Logistics Roadmap, Volumes I and II, defined DoD logistics in terms of initiatives and programs while documenting specific actions underway to achieve logistics goals and supporting objectives.
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