To build and sustain the 21st century military force, particularly in an era of fiscal duress, the Department of Defense must use its resources wisely, and that includes our energy resources. Energy is a foundational enabler for all military capabilities. Energy is a commodity and the strategic, operational, and tactical costs of obtaining it and moving it to the point of use is often measured in lives lost guarding and moving fuel across the battlefield.
The Department of Defense is taking a more strategic use of energy resources in the fight today and in plans for the future, lowering risks to our warfighters, saving money for American taxpayers, and allowing the Department of Defense to shift more resources to other warfighting priorities. Such efforts are critical if we are to meet our mission to prevail, today and in the future. The DUSD (I&E) 2011 DoD Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) outlines the DoD sustainability goals and performance expectations for the next decade. The plan describes DoD’s implementation plan for incorporating sustainability into investment decisions, program transparency, and greenhouse gas reduction goals. L&MR has oversight responsible for the performance of Sub-goal 6.2 of the plan, which calls for DLA to dispose of excess/surplus electronic products in an environmentally sound manner. The target for this sub-goal is 100% each year and DLA achieved this target in FY2011.

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