In support of North American national security, the NATIBO facilitates technology and industrial base efforts between the U.S. and Canadian Defense Departments.


The North American Technology and Industrial Base Organization (NATIBO), is chartered to promote a cost effective, healthy technology and industrial base that is responsive to the national and economic security needs of the United States and Canada. Current policy calls for a national defense force that derives its strength and technical superiority from a unified commercial/military industrial base. Department of Defense's (DoD) declining procurement budgets can no longer sustain a defense-unique industrial base to supply its needs. Without fundamental acquisition reform, DoD will be unable to tap into the civilian manufacturing base to replace the capabilities lost as defense firms are downsized, converted, or eliminated. Without access to a broader national manufacturing and technology base, defense downsizing could jeopardize basic national security goals. DoD's acquisition processes are being re-examined to help unify the industrial base by applying the most modern industrial products, processes, practices, and standards of management and manufacturing.

In summary, NATIBO's primary purpose is to identify and analyze key industrial sectors that are critical to defense, assess the viability of these sectors, identify issues and barriers related to sector viability, and develop strategies to enhance and sustain the health of the marketplace.