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Area and Resource Surveys

Table 1. Contamination Instrument Readings


Table 1. MERS and MATTS Regional Responsibilities

Table 2. Additional FEMA Assets

Contamination Control

Table 1. CCS Materials List

Table 2. CCS Personnel

Conversion Factors for Weapons Grade Plutonium

Table 1. Conversion Factors for Weapons Grade Plutonium

Table 2. Approximate Factors for Converting Alpha Readings for Various Surface Types

Table 3. Conversion Table (CPM to µg/m2 or µCi/m2) AN/PDR-56 Alpha Meter

Table 4. Conversion Table (CPM to mg/m2 or mCi/m2) ADM-300

Table 5. Conversion Table (Megabequerel (MBq) to Millicuries (mCi) and Microcuries µCi)

Table 6. Conversion to International System Units

Environmental Sampling

Table 1. Air Sampler Calibration

Table 2. Air Sampler placement (No. 2) Distance

Health and Safety

Table 1. Radiological Characteristics of Plutonium and Americium

Table 2. Radiological Characteristics of Uranium

Table 3. Radiological Characteristics of Tritium

Table 4. Radiological Characteristics of Thorium

Table 5. Recommended Respiratory Protection Levels for Emergency Workers as a Function of Airborne contamination

Table 6. Protective Devices for Emergency Workers as a Function of Surface Contamination

Table 7. Instrument Comparisons for Surface Contamination Levels in Table 6

Table 8. Protective Action Guide Hazard Values

Table 9. Equation for Calculating Resuspension Factors

Table 10. Work-Rest Cycles and Fluid Replacement Guidelines

Incident Command System Functional Appendix

Table 1. ICS and DoD Staff Equivalency

Table 2. Sample Basic Operational Period IAP

TAB A. JFO Incident Action Plan

Inter-DoD Functional Annex

Table 1. Organizations with Cooperating Agency Responsibilities


Table 1. Guidelines for Bioassay Sampling

Table 2. Guidelines for Assigning Priorities for Collecting and Processing Bioassays

Table 3. Sample Instrument Readings to Determine Bioassay Priority in Table 2

Radiation Detection and Measurement

Table 1. Commonly Considered Radioactive Contaminants and Their Primary Associated Radioactive Emissions

Radiological Monitoring Equipment

Table 1. Alpha Survey Instruments

Table 2. Beta and Gamma Survey Instruments

Table 3. Instrument Sets

Table 4. Tritium Survey Instruments

Table 5. Dosimeters