0101C Interoperability Standard

The SEIWG proudly announces the availability of its 0101C Interoperability Standard, the SEIWG Force Protection Systems Sensor Information Interchange. The updated XML communication interoperability standard focuses on the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network transport interface using subscription messaging. In addition, it increases the prescriptiveness of the interoperability standard from past versions and eliminates previous potential ambiguity.

To support the use of its interoperability standards, the SEIWG has updated the SEIWG Interoperability Verification Tool (SIV-T) and accompanying Software User Manual,. The SIV-T is a software tool that can be used to verify and validate compliance with several generations of the SEIWG Interoperability Standards. The interoperability standards and the SIV-T are two of the SEIWG products offered for limited distribution to authorized Department of Defense (DoD) personnel and DoD contractors.

The new version of the SEIWG Interoperability Verification Tool (SIV-T) boasts features such as:

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