Capability Areas

Access Control

Controlling access to safeguard personnel and their families and to prevent unauthorized access to critical infrastructure and materials is paramount. This capability area will focus on programs and processes related to the validity and verification of individuals entering or already within a facility.

Analytical Support

This capability area will focus on studies related to physical security topics and operational and management efforts related to day-to-day activities of the DoD Physical Security Equipment/Countering Nuclear Threats RDT&E Program.

Decision Support

Decision support systems serve the management, operations, and planning levels of the DoD physical security enterprise to help to make decisions, which may be rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance. This capability area will focus on command and control equipment and projects related to the creation and enhancement of common operating pictures, and the establishment of common architectures / interface standards.

Detection & Assessment

The ability to detect an adversary and assess their intentions is a basic physical security tenant. This capability area will design equipment to identify and warn off unauthorized access to a specified area or installation as well as equipment related to the notification and identification of explosive threats or hazards.


The security procedures taken to discourage an adversary from accessing weapons of mass destruction or gaining unauthorized access to critical assets are at the heart of prevention. This capability area will focus on broad spectrum, generic efforts which have the ability to influence multiple areas.

Storage & Safeguards

Properly securing critical assets to prevent access by unauthorized persons and implementing control measures that ensure access is limited to authorized persons is the foundation of physical security. This capability area will focus on equipment (e.g., locks, doors, etc.) designed to delay or stop unauthorized entry / access to a specified / localized area.

Installation and Transport Security

Robust installation and transport security are vital to preventing a weapon of mass destruction attack or the unauthorized access to key assets such as nuclear weapons and special nuclear material. This capability area will focus on programs and equipment intended to improve the physical security profile of fixed sites and facilities, as well as critical items while in-transit.

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