Detection & Assessment

The ability to detect an adversary and assess their intentions is a basic physical security tenet. This capability area addresses the design of equipment to identify and warn of unauthorized access to a specified area or installation as well as equipment related to the notification and identification of explosive threats or hazards.

Featured Projects:

Automated Tracking and Classification of UUVs Utilizing AN/WQX-2

Explosive Detection Equipment Guide Version 2.0

Explosive Detection Equipment for Maritime Environment

Force Protection Pre-Shot Sniper Detection

Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (Expeditionary)

Harbor and Restricted Waterway Counter-UUV/AUV System

Indoor Gunshot Detection System

Linear Sensor System for Multi-Threat Detection

Marine Mammal Vigilance Localization

Radar Processing Dynamic Structure Filter

Tactical Security System

Weather Radar Detection of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

WISP 2.0

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