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To coordinate and influence system architecture, technical design and systems integration to foster interoperability of all physical security equipment to be used within the DoD with the Primary Objectives being:

Best of NIEM / Success Story

The SEIWG won the “Best of NIEM” award for its Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD). The SEIWG’s work to encourage interoperability has had tremendous effects on the NIEM community, including the NIEM MilOps domain content. MilOps incorporated a great deal of the SEIWG NIEM IEPD, expanding the domain content by 30%. Watch video here or read about it here.

DOD and Industry Partner Usage


SEIWG Products

The following products have been produced and are ready for use:
Product Description
SEIWG 0101C Force Protection Systems Sensor Information Interchange – A series of interoperability standards that define the communication interchanges between Command & Control Display Equipment (CCDE) and various classes of physical security equipment. The standards consist of a set of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) messages and supporting XML Schemas, and rules for subscription and sequencing. SEIWG 0101C is the most current standard. SEIWG 0101A and SEIWG 0101B are still supported.
SEIWG 0300 Force Protection Systems Command and Control Information Interchange – An interoperability standard that defines the communication interchanges between a CCDE and an Integrated Base Defense Command and Control (IBDC2) center. It consists of a set of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) messages and supporting XML Schemas, and rules for subscription and sequencing.
SEIWG Interoperability Verification Tool (SIV-T) A software tool used to verify if physical security components communicate in a manner compliant with the SEIWG 0101 series of standards or the SEIWG 0300 standard. The tool indicates any non-compliant messages and provides suggested corrections. SIV-T scripts are available to assist in testing and training.
SEIWG 005 Series Interface Specification (RF Data Transmission Interfaces) for DoD Base and Installation Physical Security Systems – A Radio Frequency (RF) specification that defines the RF communication pathway between physical security sensors and a CCDE.

The DoD services and industry are embracing these SEIWG products to develop and build System of Systems cohesive architectures consisting of government platforms and commercial products from many vendors that seamlessly exchange information.

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is a community-driven, standards-based approach to exchanging information that has been adopted by the 2012 National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding and the DoD Chief Information Officer's memorandum, Adoption of the National Information Exchange Model within the Department of Defense, dated 28 March 2013. The SEIWG is developing a NIEM-conformant Information Exchange Package Document (IEPD) and has a projected release date of 2Q FY17.

The SEIWG periodically reviews its products for Industry relevance and usage. The SEIWG will sunset, or retire, a product deemed no longer in use by the DoD or a product that has reached its end-of-support date; that is, ten years from original release. The following have been sunsetted:

For more information on the SEIWG products, please use the Contact Us feature. A DoD sponsor is required for access by non-DoD personnel, contractors and vendors.

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