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Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (BAIS)

The Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (BAIS) is a compact sensor-based early warning system that provides early warning, detection and classification of intrusions for small units and troops during various tactical missions. It can be used either as a tactical stand-alone system or as a supplemental device for other security missions. To date, 1,378 legacy systems have been fielded to U.S. Army and Army National Guard units and have proven highly reliable during operations in Theater. A separate BAIS Modernization Program has developed and tested an upgraded system that includes a Hand-Held Monitor/Transmitter and Sensor/Transceiver. A follow-on production contract was competitively awarded in August 2010 and included the upgrades resulting from the Modernization Program. These improvements continue to ensure current technology and improved performance are available to the field in the shortest time possible. A total of 4,112 systems are currently being produced with fielding beginning August 2011.




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