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Installation & Transport Security

Integrated Base Defense

The Interim Integrated Base Defense (I-IBD) Program is designed to improve integration and interoperability of existing base defense systems leading to improved base operations. These improvements include automated display of threat data, fusion and correlation of base defense information via a common Graphical User Interface, assessment and dissemination of threat information, and reduction of troop-to-task ratio and training requirements.

Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System (JFPASS)

The purpose of the Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System (JFPASS) Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD) is to demonstrate the value of linking disparate Force Protection, Physical Security, Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear, and Incident Management systems into an integrated system of systems that reduces risks to U.S. forces, optimizes the use of manpower, and increases the commander's overall level of situational awareness.

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