Physical Security Equipment Action Group


Capability Areas

Detection & Assessment

Programs and equipment enhancing extended detection and rapid assessment capabilities.

  • Equipment designed to identify and warn of unauthorized access to a specified area or installation

  • Equipment related to the notification and identification of explosive threats or hazards

Access Controls

Programs, processes, and equipment which enhance and strengthen capabilities for positive control and access into areas and resources.

  • Programs and processes related to the validity and verification of individuals entering or already within a facility

Installation & Transport Security

Programs, processes, and equipment enhancing and strengthening the layered, defense-in-depth security for fixed facility and mobile transportation security capabilities.

  • Programs and equipment intended to improve the physical security profile of fixed sites, semi-fixed / expeditionary facilities, as well as critical items while in-transit

Storage & Safeguards

Programs, processes, and equipment focused on enhancing and strengthening capabilities of asset protection involving close-in, inner zone security, and storage facilities/areas.

  • Equipment (e.g., locks, doors, etc.) designed to delay or stop unauthorized entry / access to a specified / localized area


Capability focusing on preventing and reducing WMD and physical security threats, through information sharing, specific prevention technology development, and test and evaluation.

  • Includes those efforts which are categorized under the "Prevention" portion of the CNT mission (Prevention-Protection-Response)

  • Broad spectrum, generic efforts which have the ability to influence multiple PS areas

Decision Support

Programs and processes assessing and integrating gap analysis, identifying requirements, and prioritizing recommendations for strengthening and enhancing overall PSE and CWMD capabilities.

  • Projects related to the creation and enhancement of common operating pictures, and the establishment of common architectures / interface standards

  • Includes relevant Working Groups and oversight forums (e.g., SPVC Tech WG, PSEAG JRWG, PSEAG SEIWG, CNT Oversight)

Analytical Support

Programs and processes focusing on strengthening capabilities for critical path analysis, 'what if scenarios', and cost-benefit analysis to aid in risk management decisions and investment strategies.

  • Activities, to include studies, related to physical security topics, but independent of existing PS equipment projects

  • Modeling & Simulation

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