The Physical Security Enterprise & Analysis Group Branding

The Meaning of the PSEAG Seal and Logo

The PSEAG Seal

Visual Elements

Globe Background:

Not only does the PSEAG work to support the home-front, but it works as a global mission; to provide advanced physical security technologies to our military men and women overseas.

Five Colored Stars:

The five colored stars represent our four DoD branches of the military and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA): Army (Green), Navy (Dark Blue), DTRA (White), Air Force (Light Blue) and the Marines (Red).

Two Swords:

The crossed swords represent the military's strength with regards to Physical Security. Both swords point upwards symbolizing the importance of always being on guard, as they are always situated ready for battle.

Shield with Pentagon:

The shield represents the unyielding strength of force protection and the Pentagon is a symbol of the United States military.

Department of Defense Seal:

Ultimate authority and support for the PSEAG comes from the Department of Defense. Its position closest to the top of the seal represents the waterfall effect that occurs when guidance and direction is received.

Waterfall effect:

Guidance, direction and support is given by the Department of Defense (DoD Seal), and it is then passed through the PSEAG to do the Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation of the product. After the product has been through the RDT&E process and has become a means for force protection, it is then passed directly to the military branches for use and implementation.

Written Elements


Deterrence is the first method of ensuring Physical Security on the home front, and overseas. The shield within the center of the seal represents the deterrence factor of the PSEAG.


Guidance from the DoD and the Pentagon not only help detect Physical Security requirements, but the equipment/products produced as a result of these requirements eventually will help detect an intruder in a secured area.


The third method of ensuring Physical Security is to defend the secured area as represented by the two swords and the shield. The Physical Security products produced through the PSEAG will help to do this.