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Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks Remarks on President Biden's Fiscal 2023 Defense Budget

DOD Acquisition Officers Will Learn to Better Acquire and Transition Commercial Technologies

Why Small Businesses Are Essential to U.S. National Security

DOD Official Says Concept of Integrated Deterrence Is Call to Action

Fact Sheet on U.S. Security Assistance to Ukraine

Harpoon Weapon System, More Howitzers Headed to Ukraine

Advanced Rocket Launcher System Heads to Ukraine

F-35 Joint Program Office Holds Change of Leadership Ceremony

DOD Releases National Defense Strategy, Missile Defense, Nuclear Posture Reviews

DOD, Latvian MOD Enter Into Non-Binding Security of Supply Arrangement

Senior Defense Official Holds a Background Briefing

Small Businesses Critical to DOD Mission, Official Says

Small Businesses Key to Defense

Defense Acquisition University Plows Through Pandemic With Online Offerings

Rapid Acquisition Benefits Special Operations, DOD Official Says

Defense, State Agree: Diversity, Inclusion Important for Mission Success

DOD Aims to Bring Industrial Base Back to U.S., Allies

COVID-19 Plant Closures Affect DOD's Industrial Base

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Pilots for Fiscal Year 2021

Acquisition Sustainability Within a Globalized Industrial Base

DOD Acquisition Chief Praises Reform Milestone

DOD Can Lead Microelectronics Manufacturing Back to U.S.

DOD Partners With DFC to Protect Industrial Base From Economic Effect of Pandemic

DOD Supports Small Businesses in Big Ways

DOD Works With Industry to Ramp Up 5G Network Innovation

Hypersonics, Counter-Hypersonics Are a Top Priority

Looking Forward Into 2021

'Tipping Point' Is Here for Nuclear Modernization, Defense Official Says

DOD Develops Secure 5G Mobile Telecom Network Strategy

DOD Finalizes Purchase Plan for F-35 Aircraft

DOD Hosts Early Career Workshop to Serve as Change Initiative Platform for the Acquisition Workforce

DOD Sees Progress in Acquisition, Sustainment

Transformational Change Comes to DOD Acquisition Policy

F-35 mapping event sets course for better organic supply chain management

The Pentagon’s acquisition office is gone. Here’s what the next 120 days bring.

This is the Pentagon’s new acquisition structure

ASD (Acquisition)

Defense Security Cooperation University and USD (A&S) Co-Host Foreign Military Sales Symposium

MHS GENESIS - The Electronic Health Record Rollout is Nearly Complete

First DoD Intellectual Property Forum Tackles the Challenging Role of IP in Innovative Acquisitions

Portfolio-Focused Acquisition for the 21st Century Battlespace

Defense Civilian Training Corps Kick-Off Marks Milestone in Strengthening DOD Civilian Acquisition Workforce

Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks Remarks on President Biden's Fiscal 2023 Defense Budget

DOD Acquisition Officers Will Learn to Better Acquire and Transition Commercial Technologies

405th AFSB BASOPS Maintenance apprenticeship program helps rejuvenate workforce with fresh perspectives

Acquisition Leaders Visit HIMARS, GMLRS Facilities

Air Force, DOD Plan to Create First Historically Black Colleges and Universities-led Affiliated Research Center

Army announces contract award for National Advanced Surface to Air Missile Systems

Army awards $431 million contract for HIMARS

Army Awards Contracts to Accelerate Javelin and Stinger Production

Army approves Milestone C and awards LRIP contract for the Mobile Protected Firepower program

B-21 bomber to be unveiled first week in December

Biden-Harris Administration Awards Record-Breaking $154.2 Billion in Contracting to Small Businesses

Defense Department Earns Top Performance Rating in Small Business Procurement Index

Defense Department Launches Innovative Manufacturing Pilot Program

Defense Leaders Meet to Bolster Ukraine Support

Department Moves Quick to Replenish Weapons Sent to Ukraine

Deputy Secretary Discusses Roles for Universities in Nation's Defense

DoD Expanding Cybersecurity Workforce through Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Defense Department Earns Top Performance Rating in Small Business Procurement Index

Hicks Highlights Energy Innovation to Improve Warfighter Capabilities

JADC2 Tactical Capabilities Go International During Bold Quest 22

JADC2 Tactical Capabilities Go International During Bold Quest 22

Latest U.S. Support for Ukraine Targets Long-Term Security Investment

Nearly $3 Billion in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

New Defense Office Connects Next-Gen Tech Developers With Much-Needed Capital

Readout of National Armaments Directors Meeting Under the Auspices of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group

Standardized Materiel Could Bolster Ukraine's Defense, Says Official

Strong Deterrence Enables U.S. to Ensure Global Rules, Rights

The Way Forward

Updated Guidance on Managing the Effects of Inflation With Existing Contracts

U.S., Allies Work to Supply Ukraine Air Defense Needs

DoD's Office of Acquisition and Sustainment Announces 2021 Defense Acquisition Workforce Award Winners

Unleashing the Power of Adaptive Acquisition

DOD Announces $9.98 Million Defense Production Act Title III Agreement With Hardwick Tactical Corporation

Memorandum of Understanding for Acquisition Support

Acquisition Enterprise Capabilities to Continue Post Pandemic

Defense Acquisition System Directive Goes Into Effect

Defense Logistics Agency Helps Small Businesses During COVID-19 Response

DOD Acquisition Chief Praises Reform Milestone

DOD Establishes Task Force to Meet U.S. Medical Equipment Needs

DOD to Require Cybersecurity Certification in Some Contract Bids

New DOD Directive Will Improve Acquisition Reform, Officials Say

NPC, NPC-L ready to save lives

Rewrite of Acquisition Regulation Helps U.S. Build Hypersonic Arsenal More Quickly

Acquisition Reform a Top DOD Priority

Airmen perform in-flight Transportation Isolation System training

DOD Official Says Integration With Partner Nations' Defense Industry Is Important

DOD Recognizes Acquisition Reformers

Innovation Board Report Looks to Foment Software Revolution

PEO Digital sharpens picture for Cheyenne Mountain Complex

U.S. Needs New Nukes Now, DOD Officials Say

Future Tech: Soldiers Test, Evaluate New Equipment in Germany

DoD Salutes Acquisition Workforce at Pentagon Ceremony

Project Maven to Deploy Computer Algorithms to War Zone by Year’s End

ASD (Sustainment)

New Application Helps DLA Track COVID-19 Test Kits for White House

448th Supply Chain Management Wing enters first-ever Academic Partnership with the University of Oklahoma

Agency Delivers Thanksgiving Meals to Warfighters

Agency Set to Exceed Small Business, Procurement Goals

Breaking Records: DLA Energy Quality Assurance Specialist Has a Need for Speed

Defense Logistics Agency's Expeditionary Team Supports Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts


DLA Expanding DOD Visibility of F-35 Supply Chain

DLA flu vaccine program attributes success to battle rhythm, partnerships

DLA, industry leaders discuss inflation, supply chain issues

DLA Program Introduces Domestic Germanium Recycling Capability

DOD Makes Audit Progress, But Much More Needs to Happen, Official Says

DOD Releases Report on Defense Spending by State in Fiscal Year 2021

Exploring the Future of Logistics

General Says Transcom Effectively Delivering Security Assistance to Ukraine

Hanscom employee honored with OSD-level award

Hurricane Sandy: DLA Brought Relief to Millions Following Historic Storm


Logistics Agency Working Toward G-Invoicing Compliance

Logistics Agreement Will Facilitate Aid in Western Hemisphere, Generals Say


New DLA chaplain looks to encourage spirituality, wellness

One of the Pentagon's top logistics leaders visits 405th AFSB

Secretary of the Air Force receives F-35 engine update at Tinker AFB

Statement by Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment William LaPlante on F-35 Waiver

T-38 Talon Repair Inspection and Maintenance program launches at JBSA-Randolph

DOD Announces Plan to Tackle Climate Crisis

New DLA Strategic Plan outlines goals for 2021-2026

DOD Gives Update on Tenant Bill of Rights for Privatized Housing

Official Details DOD Efforts to Improve Housing, Climate Resilience, Energy Efficiency

ASD for Sustainment discusses resiliency, future concepts during NDTA 2020

Defense Department Committed to Cleaning Up the Environment

Defense Department's annual housing satisfaction survey begins soon

DOD Chief Housing Officer Issues Memo to Privatized Housing Tenants

DOD Looks to Future of Logistics

Air Force, Navy Officials Describe Need for C-130 Aircraft

ASD (Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Programs)

DoD Announces $2.1 Million Defense Production Act Title III Agreement with Nalas Engineering Services...

DoD Awards $35 Million to MP Materials to Build U.S. Heavy Rare Earth Separation Capacity

Conflict With a Nuclear-Capable Peer Possible, Says Stratcom Commander

Defense Department Announces Atomic Veterans Commemorative Service Medal

Forging Forward: Empowering Women in Defense

Fact Sheet: 2022 Nuclear Posture Review and Missile Defense Review

Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts with Ukraine, Russia and Other Former Soviet Union Countries

High School Seniors Visit Pentagon Leaders, Discuss National Security

Midcourse Defense, Guam, Hypersonics Lead Issues at Missile Defense Agency

Ms. Rebecca Hersman is welcomed as the new Director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Official Says Nuclear Posture Review Gives Options

DOD Taking Measures to Protect Nuclear Weapons, Space Assets

DASD Nuclear Matters Staff Selected to Join CSIS Project on Nuclear Issues

Confirmed - Rosenblum - First Female in Pentagon’s Top Nuclear Role

How COVID-19 Prepared the Military for Future Biological Warfare

B-52 Could Get New Hypersonic Missile: Global Strike Commander

AI Aids DOD in Early Detection of COVID-19

Americas Nuclear Triad

DOD Official Outlines U.S. Nuclear Deterrence Strategy

'Tipping Point' Is Here for Nuclear Modernization

4 Things to Know About the U.S. Nuclear Deterrence Strategy

DOD Official Urges Recapitalizing Nuclear Triad Now

Layered Missile Defense System Protects Homeland

U.S. Needs New Nukes Now, DOD Officials Say

News Briefing on the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review Transcipt

ASD (Industrial Base Policy)

Acquisition, Sustainment Office Supports Microelectronics Vision

Agencies Partner to Aid Small Businesses

Biden-Harris Administration Awards Record-Breaking $154.2 Billion in Contracting to Small Businesses

CHIPS Act Advances DOD's Emphasis on Microelectronics

Congressional Action Can Help DOD Weather Microelectronics Supply Crunch

Defense Department Invests to Re-Establish Domestic Production of Critical Propellant

Defense Official Speaks on Supply Chain Investments

Department of Defense Announces Industry Engagement Day for the Rapid Defense Experimentation Reserve (RDER)

Digital Transformation, AI Important in Keeping Battlefield Edge, Leaders Say

DOD Accelerating Innovative Technologies, Enabling Manufacturing Workforce

DoD Announces $2.1 Million Defense Production Act Title III Agreement with Nalas Engineering Services to Strengthen the Domestic Critical Chemicals Industrial Base

DoD Announces $6.8 Million Defense Production Act Title III Agreement with Burlington Industries, LLC to Strengthen the Domestic Clothing and Textile Industrial Base

DoD Awards $35 Million to MP Materials to Build U.S. Heavy Rare Earth Separation Capacity

DoD’s Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Leader, Rosenblum, Travels to UK to Talk Chemical Conventions, Mutual Defense

Executive Order on Ensuring Robust Consideration of Evolving National Security Risks by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States

Pentagon Awards Strategic Contracts

Pentagon's Top Industrial Base and Nuclear Defense Leader Tours Critical Materials Sites and Defense Labs

Readout of Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen H. Hicks' Meeting With the Defense Business Board

U.S. Manufacturing Ecosystem Key to Economic Growth, Innovation, Competitiveness

DOD Announces $8 Million Defense Production Act Title III Agreement With GLOBAL FOUNDRIES

DOD Releases Industrial Capabilities Report

A Hard Talk about Software with USD(A&S) Ellen Lord

DoD Announces Winners of the Fiscal Year 19 Nunn-Perry Awards

DOD, DFC Sign Memorandum of Agreement on Defense Production Act

DOD Prioritizes December Launch of 'Trusted Capital Marketplace'

DOD Releases List of Additional Companies, In Accordance With Section 1237 of FY19 NDAA

Trusted Capital Lends a Hand to Armed Forces Events in March

Cybersecurity Requirements Likely for Defense Contracts by June 2020

DOD Will Help Small Companies Meet Cybersecurity Requirements

Energy, Installations, & Environment

The Department of Defense Announces Winners of the 2022 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards

Climate Change a Critical Challenge for DOD, Hicks Says

2022 Maintenance Innovation Challenge Finalists Named

Air Force demonstrates defense-wide leadership through energy resilience readiness exercises

CDefense Official Addresses Progress on Hawaii Fuel Facility Closure

Department of Defense Announces Prohibition in DFARS on Certain PFOS and PFOA Procurement

Department of Defense Approves $30 Million in Grants Under Defense Manufacturing Community Support Program

Department of Defense Approves $90 Million in Grants Under Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Program

Department of Defense Awards $78 Million Grant to Sierra Sands School District for Richmond Elementary School on Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake

Department Recognizes 28 Civilian, Military Personnel for Enabling Disability Inclusion

Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks Speaks With Press at the Pentagon Energy Expo

DLA Energy Launches Carbon Pollution-Free Electricity Webpage

DOD Establishes Arctic Strategy and Global Resilience Office

DOD, Other Agencies Release Climate Adaptation Progress Reports

Climate change has serious implications for national security, said the Defense Department's chief sustainability officer and senior advisor for climate.

DOD Turns to Industry to Meet Carbon Pollution-Free Energy Targets

Muroc JUSD officially completes educational complex with ribbon cutting ceremony

U.S. Should Not Surrender Clean Energy Technology to China, DOD Official Says

Human Capital Initiatives

Back-to-Basics for the Defense Acquisition Workforce Memo

Defense Acquisition Workforce Reform and DAU's Transformation