Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP)


This section is intended primarily for Federal oversight organizations and Department of Defense stakeholders, though it does provide information to all who are interested in OSBP's strategic direction, performance and success with the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

Program Performance

In order to fulfill our strategic goals and mission, we seek out opportunities and strategic activities to increase small business dollars competitively awarded by DoD military departments and agencies. These statistical tables and reports show our goals and demonstrate how well we are performing.

Small Business Maximum Practicable (MaxPrac) Opportunity Analysis Model

MaxPrac is an analytic methodology which uses Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) acquisition data to identify potential opportunities for increased small business participation in unclassified contract awards.

There are two separate versions of MaxPrac: One is based on ‘DoD only’ data and the other is based on the federal civilian agencies as a collective whole.

The result sets produced by MaxPrac are listings of organization/NAICS combinations which significantly underperformed in small business (SB) participation in the prior fiscal year compared to either DoD or to the federal civilian agencies as a collective whole in the same NAICS.

The MaxPrac Model only includes data remaining after goaling exclusions have been applied.

The results produced by MaxPrac make a statistically compelling argument for increased SB participation. However, there are valid reasons why increased SB performance within some organization/NAICS combinations, as identified by MaxPrac, may not be realized. MaxPrac is simply a way to identify NAICS within an organization in which SB performance is subpar in comparison to a higher level in the organization’s hierarchical chain in the same NAICS. Additional investigation and market research will be required for each organization/NAICS combination identified by MaxPrac to determine whether or not increased SB participation is possible.

Please contact this office if you have any questions regarding the model.