Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP)


For Native American businesses, there are two primary requirements that must be met in order to participate in the Indian Incentive Program:

1. 51% Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian Ownership

  • Indian ownership of the subcontractor or supplier cannot constitute less than 51% of the enterprise.
  • DFARS 252.226-7001External Link

2. Federally Recognized Tribal Enrollment

  • Native American: The subcontractor or supplier must be owned by a federally recognized [PDF] tribe or a member of a federally recognized tribe.
  • Native Alaskan: The subcontractor or supplier must be owned by a "native", "native village" or "native group" (including corporations organized by Kenai, Juneau, Sitka, and Kodiak) as defined by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.
  • Native Hawaiian: The owner of the Native Hawaiian-Owned subcontractor or supplier must be a recognized Native Hawaiian as defined by 25 USC 4221(9).