Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)

SBIR and Acquisition Requirements

Consistent with the direction of DoD Instruction 5000.02External Link, program managers (PM) need to prepare a Technology Development Strategy (TDS) that:

  • Uses the SBIR program to develop needed technologies
  • Includes the use of technologies developed under the SBIR program
  • Gives fair consideration to successful SBIR technologies

During TDS preparation, the PM should ensure that the strategy addresses transition of relevant SBIR technologies and includes budgeting of follow-on funds for test, evaluation, and integration, as needed, to achieve the desired technological maturity.

In addition, the PM should consider SBIR technologies as candidates for incremental and block system improvement initiatives as well as to address competitive prototyping requirements, particularly at the subsystems and component levels.

To effectively leverage SBIR, the PM should review and ensure compliance with DoD SBIR Phase III policy guidanceExternal Link and should engage their program office, Program Executive Office, systems command, product center, or DoD Component SBIR program coordinator for assistance. The PM should also consult the rest of this web site for online resources and information including a program description, database of past awards and key points of contracts.

Incorporating Contract Incentives for SBIR

Consider including specific award fee clauses in contract language to target and reward incorporation of SBIR technologies by prime contractors.