Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)

Process Acceleration

There are three DoD initiatives designed to accelerate the commercialization of SBIR- and STTR-developed technologies into DoD acquisition programs or the private sector.

SBIR/STTR Phase II Enhancement Program

To further encourage the transition of SBIR research into DoD acquisition programs as well as the private sector, each DoD Component has developed its own Phase II Enhancement policy. Under this policy, the Component will provide a Phase II awardee with additional Phase II SBIR funding if the company can match the additional SBIR funds with non-SBIR funds from DoD acquisition programs or the private sector.

Phase II projects that qualify under Phase II Enhancement may:

  • Extend an existing Phase II contract for up to one year and
  • Match up to $500,000 of non-SBIR/non-STTR funds, from either DoD non-SBIR Programs or from an outside investor, with SBIR funds . (Click here to see what qualifies as an outside investment.)

Phase II Enhancement requirements and matching rates vary by Component. See each Component's BAA instructions for details. Phase II Enhancement applications must be prepared and submitted through the DoD SBIR Submission websiteExternal Link.

Click here to see how to qualify for the Phase II Enhancement Program.

Commercialization Readiness Program (formerly the Commercialization Pilot Program)

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 authorized the Commercialization Readiness Program to accelerate the commercialization and fielding of capabilities by identifying and selecting projects that meet high-priority requirements, and by formalizing collaboration among small businesses, prime contractors, and DoD science and technology acquisition communities.

A project's inclusion in the Commercialization Readiness Program is by invitation and at the discretion of the DoD Component. Commercialization Readiness Program participants may receive a variety of assistance services and/or opportunities to facilitate the transition of their projects.

Click here for more information about the Commercialization Readiness Program.

For historical information on the Commercialization Pilot Program, click here.

If you have other questions regarding any of these programs, please contact the SBIR/STTR Help Desk or telephone 1-800-348-0787.