DoD 2018.1 SBIR BAA Modifications

Announcement Text Changes

Important Note: The following modifications have been made to this BAA since its release to the Internet — November 29, 2017.

Navy SBIR Topic N181-072 has been amended in the Description in the last paragraph to read:

The new gearbox design must be compatible with the current craft configuration regarding form, fit, and function, requiring minimal adjustments to surrounding equipment and support the PMS 377 LCAC Lightweight Gearbox Design specifications (Ref 5).

Army SBIR Topic A18-083 has been amended in the Phase I section to read:

PHASE I: This Phase shall consist of the following:
a) Demonstrate the feasibility of producing a demonstration of a low-cost, lightweight track pin and shoe system by focusing on new manufacturing methods that have been developed over the last 30 years to achieve the lower cost and weight targets which allows for the design envelope to be opened to new geometry (ID and OD) as well as new materials which previously would not be considered due to lost material from machining.
b) This system shall be interchangeable with the current system and meet the same performance criteria.
c) Identify, with Governmental concurrence, the most technical feasible solution from above M&S predictions.
d) Develop initial concept design of equipment and components required to perform the best solution identified above. If commercially available solution that is relevant to military application this step does not need to be performed.
e) Provide a plan for practical deployment of the proposed solution identified above.
f) Determine the commercial merit of the proposed solution to include estimated equipment, component and operation costs.

Air Force SBIR Topic AF181-030 has been amended in the following sections: OBJECTIVE, DESCRIPTION, PHASE II, and REFERENCES (new Refs. 3 and 4).

Navy SBIR Topic N181-035 has been amended in the Keywords section to read:

KEYWORDS: Industrial control systems; cybersecurity; computer network traffic analysis; anomalous network traffic detection; network traffic maintenance indications; network intrusion detection

Army SBIR Program added new topic A18-109 – Title: Radio Direction Finding Obfuscation.

Army SBIR 18.1 Instructions have been amended to update the Army Program Coordinators chart on page 8, and the Topic Index on page 12 to add listing for new Army Topic A18-109.

Army SBIR Topics A18-067, A18-072, A18-076, A18-085, A18-095, and A18-097 have been amended to include Technology Areas at the beginning of each topic.

MDA SBIR Topic MDA18-005 been amended to include the Technology Area at the beginning of topic.

TPOC Updates

Topic # Date
A18-067 29 Nov 2017
A18-096 30 Nov 2017
MDA18-005 30 Nov 2017
A-076 30 Nov 2017
A-077 30 Nov 2017
A-079 30 Nov 2017
A-085 30 Nov 2017
A-087 30 Nov 2017
A-089 30 Nov 2017
A-091 30 Nov 2017
A-093 30 Nov 2017
A-095 30 Nov 2017
A-097 30 Nov 2017
A-098 30 Nov 2017
A-100 30 Nov 2017
A-103 30 Nov 2017
A-105 30 Nov 2017
A18-072 1 Dec 2017
A18-084 4 Dec 2017
N181-014 5 Dec 2017
A18-028 5 Dec 2017
A18-067 6 Dec 2017
A18-072 6 Dec 2017
A18-076 6 Dec 2017
A18-085 6 Dec 2017
A18-095 6 Dec 2017
A18-097 6 Dec 2017
A18-092 7 Dec 2017
N181-005 7 Dec 2017
A18-092 8 Dec 2017

Reference Updates

Topic # Date
N-004 29 Nov 2017
N-089 29 Nov 2017
AF181-030 1 Dec 2017
A18-089 8 Dec 2017

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