DoD 2019.1 SBIR BAA Modifications

Announcement Text Changes

Important Note: The following modifications have been made to this BAA since its release to the Internet — January 8, 2019.

Army Topic A18-148 description, paragraph 2, 1st sentence has been revised to read:

The development of a compact, rapidly deployable, expandable and relocatable shelter system will provide Soldiers with protection during dispersed missions and combat operations

In the Army SBIR 18.3 Instructions on page 7, the POC for Aviation and Missile RD&E Center (AMRDEC-A) Program Coordinator has been revised to read Dawn Gratz, 256-842-8769.

SBIR 18.3 USSOCOM Topic SOCOM183-003 was removed.

DLA Topics DLA183-001 through DLA183-010 have had all instances of “SBIR_NESO_NSNS” amended to read “SBIR_NESO_NSN"

Air Force Topic AF183-024 Description section has been amended to read:

DESCRIPTION: Highly accurate missile attitude measurements are required to support the development of missile performance (6-degree of freedom) and signature (UV-IR). The requirement is to measure missile attitude (yaw, pitch, roll rate, roll position) of MANPADS-type missile under live fire conditions. Accuracy requirements for pitch and yaw are +/- 1 degree (threshold) and +/- 0.5 degree (objective). Accuracy on roll rate is +/-2 rps threshold and +/-0.5 rps objective. Required accuracy for roll position is +/- 5 degrees threshold and +/-1 degree objective. Position measurements are not expressly required but would be a bonus. Data rate requirement for all data is 100 Hz threshold and 500 Hz objective. Measurements are required under both day and night conditions. Night operations may require an illumination system if an optical approach is used to measure missile attitude. The minimum eye-safe distance for such a system may be a discriminating factor. The complete flight envelope is contained within a 10 km long, 0.5 km wide, 2 km high region. Measurements are required from launch to point of closest approach to the target. Typical missile launcher-to-target distances are from 0.5 to 10 km. Typical missile roll rates are on the order of 20 rps.

Army SBIR Phase 18.3 Proposal Submission instructions Page 1 - SBIR Helpdesk phone number was corrected to read 866-570-7247

Air Force Topic AF184-043 was amended to remove "Acquisition Program: AEHF – Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHR) Satellite Program'""

TPOC Updates

Topic # Date
AF183-013 27 Aug 2018
A18-131 27 Aug 2018
A18-132 27 Aug 2018
A18-133 27 Aug 2018
A18-134 27 Aug 2018
A18-135 27 Aug 2018
A18-136 27 Aug 2018
A18-137 27 Aug 2018
AF183-006 27 Aug 2018
A18-149 28 Aug 2018
AF183-005 28 Aug 2018
AF183-024 30 Aug 2018
AF183-005 31 Aug 2018
AF183-006 31 Aug 2018
AF183-005 6 Sep 2018
AF183-012 11 Sep 2018
AF183-006 14 Sep 2018
A18-143 24 Sep 2018

Reference Updates

Topic # Date
N183-139 24 Aug 2018
SOCOM183-003 24 Aug 2018
N183-143 24 Aug 2018
DLA183-016 17 Sep 2018
A18-149 19 Sep 2018
A18-148 23 Sep 2018
A18-142 26 Sep 2018
A18-147 27 Sep 2018

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