The Office of Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses (PARCA) is the central office for major defense authorization performance assessment, root cause analysis, and earned value management within the Department of Defense (DoD). Established by section 103 of the Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act of 2009 (P.L. 111-23), PARCA issues policies, procedures, and guidance governing the conduct of such work by the Military Departments and the Defense Agencies.
Gary L. Bliss

Mr. Gary R. Bliss is the Director, Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses (PARCA), in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition. PARCA carries out performance assessments of Major Defense Acquisitions Programs (MDAPs) and conducts root cause analyses for MDAPs with Nunn-McCurdy breach status or when requested by senior Department of Defense (DoD) officials.

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