Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR)

Sound financial management and reform is critical to the Department’s success. In 2005, the DoD Comptroller established the FIAR Directorate to manage and integrate Department-wide financial improvement efforts. The Components detail accomplishments and progress against milestones to the FIAR Directorate for reporting in the FIAR Plan. The FIAR Plan describes specific corrective actions to achieve reliable, accurate, and complete financial data for use in key management decisions. It focuses on problems such as weak internal controls, incomplete or inaccurate information, and systems that cannot properly process data and information. By establishing and monitoring critical milestones for resolving these problems, the FIAR Plan gives decision makers better information and more options. This collaboration allows a single, comprehensive and integrated strategy for financial improvement efforts across the Department, and enables Components to learn from each other’s approaches, challenges, and successes. The November 2016 FIAR Plan is the most current plan. For more information on FIAR, go to the OUSD(Comptroller) website.

Property and Equipment Policy Office Responsibility

The Department of Defense’s long term goal is to report Property on DoD financial statements accurately, timely, and reliably and to provide decision makers with better information. The Property and Equipment Policy (P&EP) Office is responsible for correcting the Department’s weaknesses for both Equipment and Internal Use Software.

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