IUS Property Systems

As stewards of government property, we must ensure accountability is maintained for the property we have responsibility toward. One of the tools used to maintain accountability is the Accountable Property System of Record (APSR). The APSR is used to manage the records required for audit and financial reporting, and provide the information needed by decision makers for asset management. The APSR also helps fulfill our legal obligations to maintain and report on our accountable assets.

An APSR may have different requirements or data elements based on the type of property. An APSR for equipment is different than an APSR for IUS because the types of information about those property types are fundamentally different. A requirements checklist has been developed and published as DD Form 3041, and must be used by DoD Components to ensure their systems are sufficient to address the IUS specific accountability requirements.

Some IUS assets do not meet financial reporting requirements, such as the capitalization threshold, and are not required to have records maintained in an APSR. These IUS assets may have records maintained in a managerial (or accountability) system as opposed to the formal APSR for the Component. The data requirements are more relaxed for managerial systems, but this does not mean a spreadsheet is acceptable. Managerial systems must have controls in place, standard business processes for use, and be approved by the Component Property Lead/Primary Accountable Property Officer. Please contact us if you are uncertain of who your approving office is, and we will connect you to the approving authority.

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