Government Furnished Property

Standard Equipment Data Elements for Government Furnished Property Baseline Establishment

Property & Equipment Policy is announcing the signature of the USD(AT&L) memorandum, “Standard Equipment Data Elements for Government Furnished Property Baseline Establishment.” This establishes the Department level approach to collecting data from contractors regarding Government furnished property (GFP) and reconciling the information to the DoD accountable property systems of record (APSR).

This is an important step forward in addressing the material weakness over GFP as established in the annual AT&L Statement of Assurance. As we move forward in our corrective efforts, this enterprise approach will provide the means to a solid base from which we may go forward with confidence toward maintaining an audit-ready environment. Feel free to contact P&E Policy with any questions regarding this memo at

Implementation Status of GFP Baseline Establishment (Feb 2014)

Per the direction of the USD (AT&L) memorandum, "Standard Equipment Data Elements for Government Furnished Property Baseline Establishment," each organization was expected to submit financial improvement plans (FIPs) for establishing accountability over government furnished property (GFP). In order to establish sufficient progress is being achieved, the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy and the Director, Acquisition Resources and Analysis have requested senior level meetings with the financially reporting components that utilize GFP. The request is in the memorandum, "Implementation Status of Government Furnished Property Baseline Establishment," dated February 3, 2014.

Any questions can be directed to the new P&EP mailbox,, or by using the Contact Us form.

Background and Initiatives

Accounting for government property while used on contract is challenging. Recent reports issued by the Inspector General indicate there is room for improvement. Property and Equipment Policy (P&EP) has identified GFP as a focus initiative for FY 2011 and has kicked off projects designed to improve accountability and controls over GFP. Specifically, P&EP is:

Additional resources for GFP management may be found at DoD Procurement Toolbox which is sponsored by DPAP Program Development and Implementation.


As part of our educational initiatives, we created a series of webinars on GFP. The presentations, scripts, and Questions and Answers are also available.

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