DPAS as the DoD FMIS

The DoD Enterprise solution for a FMIS is the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) Maintenance and Utilization (M&U) Module, which fulfills all requirements and recommendations outlined in the a FMR 102-34 and GSA Bulletin B-15. It was established as the DoD enterprise solution by OUSD (AT&L), Acquisition Resources & Analysis memorandum, "DoD Non-tactical Fleet Mangement Information System," dated April 1, 2014. This asset management system enables seamless integration between financial, property and maintenance management, which eliminates the unnecessary duplication of databases and data-entry and allows direct connectivity to the Fleet Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST) for required Federal Fleet Reporting as outlined in the FMR 102-34. DPAS is also coordinating with GSA to establish an interface to pull lease, cost and utilization data to better equip the Fleet Manager with information to determine Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment of its Fleet. The system is available to all DoD Agencies at no additional cost and should be the first choice of systems before pursuing any commercial, off the shelf (COTS) solution.

The DPAS training staff offers regularly scheduled online sessions covering topics of interest to the DPAS user community. The below Webinar link takes you to the DPAS M&U webinar page and are available for interested fleet personnel. New classes will be scheduled and posted on the calendar on the same Webinar webpage. Two other documents are posted below for further information on the functionality and Maintenance and Utilization Module with DPAS.

Within 30 days of receiving your vehicle(s), an accountable record must be created and utilization information captured within an authorized FMIS.  There are many commercial FMIS available at a cost to the government but will not also meet Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) requirements. DPAS has the FMIS functionality available to DoD through centralized budgeting.  Contact the P&EP office (osd.mc-alex.ousd-a-s.mbx.odasd-log-equipment@mail.mil) for more information on DPAS capabilities setup and training.

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