Fleet Management Information Systems

FMR 102-34, Motor Vehicle Management, Subpart J – Federal Fleet Report, requires the utilization of a fleet management information system (FMIS) at the department or agency level that—

(a) Identifies and collects accurate inventory, cost, and use data that covers the complete lifecycle of each motor vehicle (acquisition, operation, maintenance, and disposal); and

(b) Provides the information necessary to satisfy both internal and external reporting requirements, including:

  1. Cost per mile

  2. Fuel costs for each motor vehicle

  3. Data required for Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST)

GSA Bulletin B-15 also provides recommendations for a well-designed FMIS to assist Fleet Managers analysis data to make the appropriate recommendations to maximize Fleet Operations.  By law, agencies’ Fleet MIS must be able to identify, collect, and analyze all costs involved in the operation of their fleets, including obligations incurred and expenditures made for the acquisition, operation, maintenance, and disposal of vehicles.  System functionally should also do the following:

(a)  Vehicle identification

(b)  Acquisition

(c)  Utilization

(d)  Repairs and servicing

(e)  Accident reporting

(f)  Disposal

(g)  Financial management

(h)  Reporting

(i)  Interface requirements

Fleet Managers are advised, within 30 days of receiving your vehicle(s), an accountable record must be created and utilization information captured within an authorized FMIS. There are many commercial FMIS available at a cost to the government that may not meet the Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) requirements outlined in the DoDI 5000.64. Contact the DoD Fleet Manager for moreinformation on FMIS.

The DoD Enterprise solution for a FMIS is the Defense Property Accountability System Maintenance and Utilization Module, which fulfills all requirements and recommendations outlined in the a FMR 102-34 and GSA Bulletin B-15. This asset management system enables seamless integration between financial, property and maintenance management, which eliminates the unnecessary duplication of databases and data-entry and allows direct connectivity to the Fleet Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST) for required Federal Fleet Reporting as outlined in the FMR 102-34. DPAS is available to all DoD Agencies at no additional cost and should be the first choice of systems before pursuing any COTs solution. Contact the P&EP office (osd.mc-alex.ousd-a-s.mbx.odasd-log-equipment@mail.mil) for more information on DPAS capabilities setup and training.


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