The Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS) provides access to information for all vehicles owned or commercially-leased by the Federal Government. FMVRS allows access to Customer Agencies to enter, query and update vehicle and license plate information 24/7, except for published maintenance periods. Federal, State, and local law enforcement personnel will be authorized to query the FMVRS database at any time.

FMVRS is used within DoD by the OSD Fleet Manager and other Agency Fleet Managers to ensure the license plates requested by each entity is appropriately managed and assigned to a government vehicle for official use. It is the responsibility of each Fleet Manager to keep Agency records updated in FMVRS.  This includes the following:

  1. Tag status management
    • Identify all tags received (RC) within FMVRS within 30days
    • Identify tags lost or stolen (MS) IAW FMR §102-34.135

  2. Tag to VIN assignment

  3. Accuracy of vehicle details

  4. Complete Contact information for vehicle

Below are links to two presentations concerning FMVRS and license plate management. If you require access, contact the OSD Fleet Manager for assistance.

Training is available for FMVRS through the GSA website. Please click the below link to be taken to it.

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