Fleet Management

Fleet Home - Provides an overview of Fleet Management in the Department of Defense.

Fleet Policy - Click here for information on applicable policies for Fleet Management.

FMIS - This page provides details on Fleet Management Information Systems.

Fleet Managers - Describes the role and expectations of DoD Fleet Managers and includes a sample fleet manager appointment letter.

FAST - Learn more about the Federal Automotive Statistical Tool.

FMVRS - Find more information on the Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System on this page.

DPAS use - See how DPAS is used as an FMIS.

Fleet Studies - Read about studies performed and required in DoD fleet management.

Law Enforcement Vehicles - Read about the seven standard acquisition packages for Law Enforcement, Security, and Covered vehicles.

Fleet Acquisitions - Learn about the current Fleet acquisition cycle, available alternative fuel and electric vehicles, and the acquisition cycle due dates.

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