DoD Fleet Managers

Fleet Managers are essential to a successful operation. The Fleet Manager role may exist at the headquarter/agency, region, or command/activity levels dependent upon mission and size of fleet The roles, duties and responsibilities should include:

  1. Ensure all owned, leased or loaned NTVs, within the NTV fleet, are availability to meet all requests by scheduling, forecasting and surveying current user trends.
  2. Maintain knowledge and utilize all fleet information and user surveys to forecast new requirements.
  3. Perform NTV registration and generate documentation regarding induction of new NTVs in existing fleet.
  4. Oversee routine and ad hoc maintenance.
  5. Obtain tags for new NTVs and renew old ones.
  6. Monitor and ensure fleet operation in compliance with local, state, and country rules and regulations.
  7. Maintain and monitor data management system to organize fleets as per various schedules and requests.
  8. Streamline and monitor fuel purchase system with assistance of Fuel Cards for all NTVs and drivers.
  9. Contribute in workshops and training programs and maintain knowledge on all industry relevant publications.
  10. Develop and implement standard operational standards to maintain NTVs by advocating best practices in industry.
  11. Plan, process and execute NTV purchase and NTV replacement through efficient settlement.
  12. Plan and prepare annual budget, expenditures and analyze all financial objectives.
  13. Manage and submit a Fleet Management Plan.

In accordance with DoDM 4500.36, Agency Fleet Managers are to be appointed in writing by the DoD Component Head. This appointment letter should be filed with the DoD Fleet Manager not more than 5 days after assignment. A sample letter is found here.

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