Proper Financial Treatment for Military Equipment (PFAT4ME) (CLM040) Course

The Department has changed its acquisition business process for military equipment, including how it structures contract line items. The change affects everyone who deals with the procurement of military equipment, so take the Proper Financial Accounting Treatment for Military Equipment (PFAT4ME) course to find out your new responsibilities. 

Browse or register for the course at the DAU Continuous Learning Center. (Hint: To locate the course quickly, type the word “Proper Financial” in the “keywords” search field, and then click the “Search” button.) Registration is required to take the course for credit, but is not needed to browse the course. (Hint: Follow instructions at the top of the browser to register.) This self-paced course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and is recommended for 1.5 continuous learning points (CLPs).

Who should take this course: Personnel who are involved in the procurement of military equipment to include Program Managers (PM), Business/Financial Management Analysts (BFMA), and Procurement Contracting Officers

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