Human Performance Training and Biosystems Directorate (HPTB)

Technology For Humans:
Shifting the Paradigm to Human Centeric Technology Development

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In the Human Performance, Training, and BioSystems (HPT&B) Directorate, we believe that DoD technologies are developed to extend the capabilities of the human, enhance the capabilities of the human, sustain the human, or repair the human. [Learn About HPT&B]

HPT&B Program Areas:

Human Systems:

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Develop true synchronization between hardware, software, and human elements of warfighter systems leading to optimized performance across DoD while minimizing [Learn About Human Systems]

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Maintain a working knowledge/awareness of current issues, progress and state-of-the-science in the militarily-relevant disciplines of emergency medicine, trauma, surgery, rehabilitation, epidemiology [Learn About Medical]

Non Medical Life Sciences

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Guide science and technology investment strategies that are responsive to defense policies to integrate life cycle environment, safety and health considerations into the [Learn About Sustainment]

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