Human Performance Training and Biosystems Directorate:


Environment, Energy, Infrastructure & Military Engineering


Develop and demonstrate core competencies of CE and EQ that derive emergent technology solutions to protect and sustain operational objectives, personnel and the environment.


Guide science and technology investment strategies that are responsive to defense policies to integrate life cycle environment, safety and health considerations into the DoD acquisition mainstream and that enable new technology discoveries to support the continuum of military mission operations and sustainment processes.

Specific Activities

  • Serve in multiple interagency groups, including the NSTC Subcommittee on Toxics & Risk, DoD working group advisor to DoD's Materials of Emergent Interest Team (MERIT).
  • Serve as ASD(R&E) Executive Working Member to SERDP Program.
  • Assess logistics acquisition systems - current TRA assessments ongoing for GCSS-MC, ECSS-AF.
  • Review SBIR S&T programs in the areas of environmental science, chemical biological defense programs, waste to energy projects, logistics enterprise R&D, sustainment engineering, mobility, lines of communication, infrastructure, and energy security.
  • Perform various high level tasks such as CFIUS case reviews, coordination of environmental programs SERDP/ESTCP, installation and environment policy coordination; related Directives, Instructions and DTM's.
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