Welcome to Defense Laboratory Enterprise (DLE)

Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati
Director, Laboratories Office
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Our Mission:

The Department’s in-house laboratories, warfare centers, and engineering centers focus on research and development to deliver next generation capability to the U.S. military—providing the warfighter a technical edge.

The DLE’s mission emphasizes both technology innovation and technology surprise:

  • The enterprise strives for innovative, forward-looking R&D that increases US military capability; the DLE conducts extensive in-house research and also partners with leading innovators in academia and industry to remain cutting edge.
  • The enterprise seeks to generate technology surprise for the adversary and eliminate technology surprise for the United States.

The DLE has a record of success in developing solutions to near and long-term challenges to national security—for example: neutralizing Syrian chemical weapons; designing new tools for cyber defense; evaluating new concepts for autonomous vehicles; and advancing the critical technologies that will make future weapons systems both affordable and effective.