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Acquisition Program Resources


Our acquisition programs are becoming increasingly complex, as is the underlying systems engineering. Systems engineering contributions to acquisition include the following:

  • Systems-level technical leadership
  • Risk identification and management
  • Interface management
  • Life cycle focus
  • Robust exploration of the need
  • Achievable system design
  • Integration of technical disciplines

There can be wide variation in how systems engineering is applied to a program—with attendant variations in program success (ability to deliver required capability on schedule and within budget). Effective technical discipline on programs is essential to accurately assess cost, schedule, and technology risks from the proper perspective. Working with acquisition programs, our goal is to enable a collective understanding (government and industry, working level and leadership) of how technical management is applied and by whom through active program support and mentoring, program assessment, and use of standards.

Additional resources are also available via this website including: SE-related policy, guidance, workforce resources, and communications and outreach.