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Joint Federated Assurance Center

The Joint Federated Assurance Center (JFAC) is a federation of Department of Defense (DoD) organizations that promotes and enables software and hardware assurance. JFAC member organizations and their technical service providers interact with program offices and other interested parties to provide software and hardware assurance expertise and support, to include vulnerability assessment, detection, analysis, and remediation services, information about emerging threats and capabilities, software and hardware assessment tools and services, and best practices.

Community outreach includes research and development (R&D) activities, interaction among government agencies, and interaction with private industry.

The JFAC seeks to:

  • Support program offices by identifying and facilitating access to DoD SwA and HwA expertise and capabilities to reduce vulnerabilities in fielded DoD systems
  • Assess capability gaps over time and recommend plans to close gaps
  • Develop recommendations for initiatives in support of the DoD R&D strategy to innovate vulnerability analysis, testing, and protection tools for SwA and HwA
  • Enable efficient collaboration and use of SwA and HwA capabilities
  • Serve as the DoD point of contact for SwA and HwA interdepartmental and interagency efforts
  • Develop and sustain a Department inventory of SwA and HwA resources, including tool licenses

For additional assurance information and resources, please visit the JFAC portal: If you require direct support, up to and including JFAC service provider engagement, you can open a ticket with us there by clicking “Ask Us Your Question.”


  • JFAC Charter
  • JFAC Brochure
  • State-of-the-Art Resources (SOAR) for Software Vulnerability Detection, Test, and Evaluation 2016: SOAR Report | Appendix E SOAR Matrix (.xlsx format) | SOAR Tool (active spreadsheet with macros for tool selection)
    David A. Wheeler and Amy E. Henninger, Report P-8005, Institute for Defense Analyses, November 2016