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What's New

  • Department to Cancel Instruction on Militarily Critical Technologies List (Posted December 2018)

    The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 repealed the portion of the Export Administration Act of 1979 that mandated the creation and maintenance of the Militarily Critical Technologies List (MCTL). The Department of Defense (DoD) is therefore taking steps to cancel the related DoD Instruction 3020.46.

    The Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) is responsible for international transfer of export-controlled technology and sharing of classified military information. DTSA establishes guidelines and assists DoD Components in complying with DoD policy and applicable U.S. laws and regulations. DTSA has primary responsibility for DoD’s input into the U.S. Government’s export control reform efforts. DTSA technical experts are working with experts throughout the Department and other U.S. Government agencies to identify items and technologies that provide unique military and intelligence capabilities.

    Programs should refer to the following links for additional guidance on export control.