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The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering serves as the acquisition Functional Leader (FL) for the Engineering (ENG) and Production, Quality, and Manufacturing (PQM) career fields as documented in DoDI 5134.16, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering. In addition, the DASD(SE) serves as the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Functional Community Manager (OFCM) for the Engineering (Non-Construction) (ENG(NC)) Functional Community. As shown in the figure below, there is significant overlap between these communities.
Diagram showing a large oval labeled Engineering (Non-Construction) Functional Community. The left half of this oval is labeled  Acquisition and the right half Non-Acquisition. There is also a much smaller oval labeled Production, Quality and Manufacturing (Acquisition) which partially intrsects the ENG(NC) Acquisition. There is a third larger oval labeled Engineering (Acquisition) which overlaps the ENG(NC) Acquisition oval.

In accordance with DoDI 5000.66, Defense Acquisition Workforce Education, Training, Experience, and Career Development Program, the Functional Leader is responsible for:

  1. Providing engineering advocacy, oversight, and guidance; and
  2. Establishing and leading forums with participation from Components, to collaborate and leverage activities within the Components and to provide forums to institutionalize systems engineering across the Department of Defense.

The Director, Engineering Enterprise serves as the Functional Leader’s Executive Secretary for the ENG and PQM career fields and is responsible for managing the ENG and PQM Functional Integrated Product Teams (FIPTs).

In accordance with DoDI 1400.25, Volume 250, Civilian Strategic Human Capital Planning, the DASD(SE) leads DoD-wide workforce planning and provides oversight for the ENG(NC) Functional Community civilian occupations to ensure readiness of this workforce to support DoD missions.