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Engineering (ENG) Career Field Overview

The acquisition Engineering (ENG) workforce has a vital role in fielding high-quality, affordable, supportable, and effective defense systems. Engineering is critical to the acquisition process as members of this workforce are responsible for planning, organizing, monitoring, managing, overseeing, and performing research and engineering activities within defense acquisition programs.

The ENG workforce role requires developing and verifying an integrated, total life cycle balanced set of systems, people, and process solutions that satisfy the customer’s needs and meet Department of Defense (DoD) affordability goals and caps. This responsibility requires technical competency, critical and strategic thinking, knowledge of various product domains, and knowledge of other technical disciplines. Specific expertise is demonstrated in the ability to organize, analyze, conduct, and/or monitor engineering activities relating to the design, development, fabrication, installation, modification, sustainment, and/or analysis of systems or system elements. In addition, the acquisition ENG professional is versed in DoD 5000-series policy documents and current issues in systems acquisition management.

Acquisition ENG workforce members may hold a variety of positions, such as project officer, project engineer, scientist, supervising project engineer, computer engineer/scientist, operations research analyst, software engineer, naval architect, or support technician. An acquisition ENG workforce member may also hold a specialty engineering position such as materials or structures engineer, reliability engineer, design engineer, or cost engineer.

See the brochure on DoD Engineering Career Opportunities.

2013 Consolidation and Renaming of SPRDE Career Field as ENG Career Field

As Functional Leader for the Systems Planning, Research, Development, and Engineering (SPRDE) career field, in 2013 DASD(SE) proposed restructuring the career field to consolidate the Systems Engineering and Program Systems Engineer (PSE) career paths into one career field. The Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (USD(AT&L)) authorized the restructuring and directed that the consolidated career field be renamed Engineering (ENG).

A September 16, 2013, USD(AT&L) memo announced the transition. The name change to ENG was effective September 16, 2013. The elimination of PSE as a separate career path was effective October 1, 2013. Current SPRDE-PSE workforce members, and those in the process of being certified, will transfer to the consolidated and renamed ENG career field. These changes are intended to simplify processes, reduce cost, and leverage the SPRDE-PSE workforce expertise across the larger systems engineering workforce.

Individuals with questions about these changes or the impact on their own DAWIA certification should contact their respective Director of Acquisition Career Management (DACM).